Lady Essence - 30ml

Referentie: CEF30


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This is an intensely feminizing essence which supports femininity in it’s purest form. It is an essence to support the freest expression of femininity by any woman. The key elements are the Dolphin and Whale essences which synergise and integrate all the elements beautifully,  and the blend of Divine Mother Elements with the Rose Pink Butterfly Essences. Pure freedom  and enjoyment !

Bryde's Whale

Indo Pacific Humpbacked Dolphin

Rose Pink 3 - Timi Mokariron Butterfly Essence

Rose Pink 2- Sinhema Takia Butterfly Essence

Rose Pink 1 - Hea Hio Buttterfly Essence

From Divine Mother:

                              a pink Rose flower essence energy

                              a special quality of Her Being for each woman ( no words can describe this ! )








Rose Pink 1 - Hea Hio Butterfly Essence

From Divine Mother : a Pink rose flower essence energy

                                   a spacial quality of her Being for each woman ( no words can describe this ! )