About Erik

My name is Erik and I am the 4th of 7 children born out in India in 1954. I was aware of God and the Spiritual world from a very early age, but it was when I was 5 years old, that I really became aware.

From that time I had an inner passion to show the world what God was really like, not the distorted image that many people have, and I found God in colour and life energy most of all. This stayed with me, and I came to England at the age of 12 years. After Grammar School in Wilts I went onto University to study Environmental Sciences but spent that time in charge of the Photographic Society. So after University I naturally gravitated towards photography and went into that full time. I worked most of my adult life with light, first as a professional photographer specialising in lighting in interiors and colour work. Then I worked as Lab Manager for Aura-Soma Products for almost 20 years. During this time I was constantly guided by Spirit and following this guidance I created the Essences. I am happily married to my wife Jane and we have 5 children, and four grandchildren and we live in Lincolnshire near the coast. I want to emphasise that the Essences are not my creation, but they are made directly by the Beings in the Spiritual world who normally channel that energy into the world. I act as a kind of 'link pin' or facilitator for them to make their essences. The whole process is very subtle, refined and beautiful, So decisions as to which essences are made, and how and when that happens is not mine - I just follow guidance.

The Sea Essences really began for me in 1992, when I was speaking at the 2nd World Flower Essence Conference in Manly, NSW. Australia. One of the organisers, Ian White of Bush Essences gave me a sea essence from a lady in Queensland to research, and I spoke with the angel ( or Deva ) of that essence. I asked if it was possible for human beings to benefit from the wellbeing effects of the Deep Sea Creatures and the answer was YES. I was told that I did not need to go to the sea creature because the Angel or Deva of that Sea Creature could come to me and energise the Essence through my Heart Centre. As a scientist I was very sceptical about this, but as a spiritual seeker i knew it might be possible. Two years later I put it to the test and to my amazement it worked, and I produced my first sea essence called ‘Gossamer Parasol’, by connecting with the Deva and holding the bottle to be energised against my heart.

At this time I was already working for Aura-Soma inside the laboratory where
I feel very blessed to be able to have worked with many many Light Beings to put higher energies into different products. I loved the experience of working, meeting people, teaching and energising the products - this was a very full life !

The Butterfly Essences came for me in 1996 during a very challenging year at Aura-Soma, and started as result of research I was doing on some Butterfly Essences that had been made from butterflies themselves. Due to many difficulties I had postponed a family holiday from October and went down to Cornwall just before Christmas instead. One day we all went to the Seaworld in Newquay having been told it was open, but when we got there it was closed. Very disappointed I turned away to go home when a woman came running out after me. She asked where I was going, I told about our disappointment, and she said she would open it just for us as she was the owner. One of my first Sea Devas, the Spiny Lobster Deva greeted me as I entered the building as there was one in the very first tank. It told me that butterflies channeled colour rays from the Sun and that they were Solar Colour energies at a very high frequency. They had highly transformative energies which could bring greater quality of life and help us in many different ways.
Less than two days later, Jane and I took our 5 little children to the castle at Tintagel on a dark, stormy winter’s day. I was being guided by the Archangel of the Perfume Ray, who had been King Arthur in a previous lifetime. So I spoke with him as if he was King Arthur and he took me to the ruins of a tiny chapel in the castle, and as I stood in front of the altar it suddenly lit up with brilliant light ! I was aware that around it was as dark as night and as the altar lit up, the Archangel said “Now the Butterfly Essences will be born “. That evening I got my first two connections with Colour Beings from the Sun, and the Butterfly Essence were born !
The Dolphin and Whale essences began just after Christmas 2005, when the Highest Divine Being asked me to bring through 14 whale and 14 dolphin essences. The process was very slow and it took 7 years to bring through the 28 essences. The process had to happen together with two severely disabled sons, Alexander and Joseph. Alexander the older son has a very masculine energy and he brought through the ‘ Whale Essences’ - which are Masculine Power Master Beings of the oceans. Joseph, who has a more feminine energy brought through the ‘Dolphin Essences’ which are the more Feminine Love Master Beings of the oceans. Neither boy can speak and they are both severely autistic,
The Combination Essences came and developed in 2012 during a lot of teaching in Europe and they are newest essences. With this process there also came the 1st 3 essences of Set 4 Sea Essences during 2012, and there will be another 11 of these essences to come. Finally there should be more Combination Essences, and a total of 168 Butterfly, Sea, Whale and Dolphin Essences.
This is all the work of Divine Mother and Her special Love for all Beings. I dedicate all my work to Her.
We are located in Lincolnshire, about 5 miles away from the North Sea in a lovely farmstead called Cook's Farm in a tiny Hamlet known as Tothill. We are in the real country where the only sounds we hear at night are from animals, owls ands bats, It is a lovely place from which to connect with the natural world and the Spiritual world. I have been self employed for 16.5 years as a Photographer, employed for almost 20 years by Aura-Soma and now for 4 years by myself again. I have worked all of my adult life.
This is my Online shop and my support team here in the UK is my wife Jane and friends Cheley and Jeanne.