Goddess Vimea essence aquamarine - 100 ml

Reference: GEL-G-VIMEA


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This is Om Ea Alahi, the Highest Female Power/Strenght Aspect of the Divine, and the source of Feminine Beauty. She lives on the 2nd Divine Plane.

Colour: Pale Aquamarine
Floral Waters: Lavender
Essential Oil: Frankincense
Theme: ''''Living your Sacred Reality.''''

Energetic Ingredients:
Pale Aquamarine 1,2,3 butterfly energies
Marbled Chiton
Blue Whale
Bottlenose Dolphin
Pale purple Iris flower energies
Amethyst gem energies
RIh Seraphim Angel
Fidelia Cherubim Angel

‘Vimea’ is the Source of Feminine Beauty from the Godhead as this is a function of female power. This feminine power does not reflect male power - it is infinitely more subtle and loving and it embraces the needs of others rather than trying to rule them. One of Her functions is communication from the heart and for this reason She chooses the colour Aquamarine for this Elixir. It is the colour relating to the ‘Sacred Heart’, which is the Highest Temple of the Being. It's pale colour shows a very high and ethereal vibration of Light, much connected with Divinity and Angels.
She empowers you to create your own Sacred Space in your daily life in the 'Temple of your body'. Her energy helps us to lead our whole life honouring and respecting all Beings and serving others with Love and Devotion. She uplifts us with the Lavender helping us to manifest a finer and more powerful reality, so we can live our life with more meaning and purpose. With the Frankincense She honours the sacredness of all Life and it celebrates the Highest in each of us.
Vimea rules Creation with Love bringing the Feminine Power Energies to the forefront at this time. She fully restores the sacred and mystic meaning of our lives and helps each of us to totally live our unique individuality with real freedom and wellbeing on all levels. This is a wonderful elixir to live the true Power of Love.
She also helps us overcome many fears and past life traumas, so freeing us from a lot of oppression.
Marbled Chiton sea essence stimulates the higher Divine consciousness so we really manifest our divine thoughts through our earthly Being. This is helpful in creating sacred space in our life.
Blue Whale shows us the correct use of power where we work for the benefit of all and where we use our power constructively and well. It gives us a greater and more accurate perspective on the world around us with expanded awareness.
Bottlenose Dolphin totally improves the quality of our life with more strenght, wellbeing, vitality, love, fun and enjoyment. It is a wonderful essence for overcoming fear and bringing real magic and enjoyment to our life.
Purple Iris flower energy manifests our creativity in sacred and spiritual endevours and it helps us to bring any projects we may be involved in to fruition. For women it helps to manifest inner beauty creatively in our earthly life.
Amethyst quartz illuminates and lifts the consciousness and balances all levels of human experience. It is very protective against harmful EMF's ( electro magnetic frequencies ) and helps to establish a clear sacred space in any place.
Rih the Seraphim Angel harmonises and integrates the powerful energies in the world to provide safety and protection for all the different life forms. He works to maintain the sacred spaces in the world, preventing Dark Forces from desecrating and destroying them.
Fidelia the Cherubim Angel harmonises the energy cycles in the world to bring a smooth flow and harmony to the energy cycles of our world. She looks after the quality of sacred spaces.