Erik Pelham: Butterfly and Sea Essences: An Introductory Guide

Reference: BK45


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This book is a handy guide to the Butterfly and Sea Essences published in both English and German at the moment. The English version runs to 256 pages and was entirely put together by me, Erik, with no previous experience or knowledge of writing or producing a book at all. I go into detail about the individual essences as well some detail in explaining what the Butterfly Essences are and how they work etc. This is a good standard Reference book for the essences, with a very good index, where phrases, concepts as well as names are indexed.

It is intended to be simple enough for anyone to understand whether you have previous knowledge and experiences with these essences or not. There are some nice drawings and photos in the book to give the reader a deeper understanding of what the essences are about, using the visual medium. If you intend to use these essences as part of a practice then I think this book is essential to have